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Zhejiang Hefei Cement Technology & Engineering (hereinafter abbreviated as ZHFC) Co., Ltd was registered and founded in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, and its administrative office is in Hefei City, Anhui Province. ZHFC Co. Ltd. specializes in technological development and consulting service of cement and building materials industries; technological upgradation of cement and building materials plants; import and export of mechanical & electrical equipment and technical materials. It posses qualification of overseas project contracting and labor service export for corresponding projects.

ZHFC Co. Ltd. has an excellent management and work team with nearly 30 years of experience in cement industry which have been engaged in engineering & design, development of equipment, production management of cement plant, project construction management of cement plant, etc.  Along with rapid development of Chinese cement industry in past 20 years, among key team members, someone worked as Chief Designer for over 10 cement projects, someone was Project Manager of several EPC projects of cement plants at home and abroad, and someone was employed as Plant Director in charge of production. Those experiences of the team are technical guarantee to perform related business.


Mobile phone: 13956958593
Contact person: Mr. Chen
Company Address: 885 Wuzhou Road, Pinghu Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province
Office Address: Room 1203, Block D, Xincheng International, Hefei Municipal Business District    

Zhejiang ICP preparation No. 16031092

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